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Our investment platform connects certified investors with UK property developers and asset managers. We give you simple tools to assess, invest and manage. Speak to Brickowner's Chief Investor Relations Officer, Adam Knowles about Brickowner, or simply visit the platform.

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Invest with Brickowner

Brickowner enables high net worth and sophisticated investors to access professionally managed property investments and the opportunity to buy and sell on the secondary market

How Brickowner works

1. Self certify

It takes minutes to create a Brickowner account. Due to the nature of each investment, these opportunities are only available to certain types of investors. You will need to self certify confirming that you fall into one of the required categories.

Once you have completed the sign up process and self-certified through our platform you will be able to access our open investment campaigns.

2. Discover

Investment opportunities range from portfolios, developments, multiple projects and property-backed lending portfolios. You can access webinars and information about the campaigns through our platform and ask questions.

To begin investing, you first of all need to add funds to your online wallet, which is provided through our payment provider, MangoPay. Once you have done this, you can allocate funds to your chosen investment.

3. Track

Once the total funding target has been met for your chosen investment, the investment will go live and you will begin to be updated on the project or portfolio through your dashboard.

4. Buy and sell

Throughout your investment term, you have the option to use the secondary market to offer your investment for sale to the Brickowner investor community. You also have the opportunity to top up your investments through the secondary market.

Completed investments

On completion, any returns will be paid to investors – although, please note, investments can go down as well as up and returns are not guaranteed. Investors will have access to their full investment history and the opportunity to invest into similar projects

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Meet Our Team

Frederick Bristol


Founded Brickowner in 2015. He has 20 years of property investment and management experience, having spent the previous 7 years investing in and managing property in East Anglia and East Midlands.

Tobias Stone PHD


Tobias is a tech entrepreneur, professional board director, and angel investor in early stage technology companies. He has a broad background in policy and business, and a PhD in Innovation Strategy.

Adam Knowles

Chief Investor Relations Officer

Adam started his career as an IFA in South Africa, and to date has over 20 years of experience in investor relations and financial services.

Why invest with Brickowner?

Our goal is to make investing in professionally managed property opportunities accessible, approachable and seamless. We achieve this by combining our industry knowledge, network and technology.

Full access

Access professionally managed property investments from £500

Secondary Market

Ability to buy and sell existing Brickowner investments through our secondary market

Due Diligence

Our team follows a stringent due diligence process to vet each opportunity


Secure and seamless technology.


Exclusive events and newsletters


Opportunities to diversify your portfolio.

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